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Our Team

Jinyi technology team prides itself on cutting-edge design, consistent quality, excellent customer service and fast delivery. All designers were graduated from art colleges and universities, with solid artistic foundation.We also work with artists around the world to create diverse products.The sales team is professional and efficient, half of whom have more than 20 years of working experience, to provide you with the most timely and effective service.The company is located in Minhou,Fuzhou, including more than 30 senior artists, wood production workshop, dust-free painting workshop, central office area and other complete integrated supply chain process management, so that we can be rigorous, stable, efficient implementation of each customer & all orders.

Our Office

Our Customer Range

Global chain department stores and brand retailer
Famous furniture chain store
Home decoration brand
Estate company and fine arts hotel
Interior design company and soft designer
Store and network gallery
Integrated or vertical e-commerce plat form
Our core competencies is cost-effective, innovation ability and flexible way of cooperation. 

Qualification & Certified

Unlike the small workshops of many of our peers, our work environment and quality management system is approval the inspection and certification by listed company. Has passed the EU CE certification ,BSCI commercial social standards certification. Our high quality production process and inspection system is  quality assured.  The company’s core values and corporate culture attract top talent, Low talent mobility make our products stable and high quality. Customers purchase at the price of crafts  and  sell at the price of art.  So bring a big profit.

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